Bucket List

Being an undecided major at UNT has motivated me to really think about what some of my long term goals are. Such as 1. Making all As so I can get into grad school and farther my education. This is my current priority because I feel like the longer I can stay in school, the better the outcome later when it’s time for me to find a career, whichever that my be. My other long term goals include:

2. Finding a major that I will enjoy doing for the rest of my life.

3. Traveling the world to broaden my horizons and get to know all kinds of people.

4. Find a career in helping people in a way that gives them hope. Whether thats by teaching or by working for a non-profit organization. It’s something that is very near to my heart and something that I want to pursue no matter what.

5. Get back involved with theater. It’s what I love and I feel like I’ll have a better handle on things if I have my focus on something that I really love to do.

6. I would love to someday after I graduate to go to acting school in New York City. While I know this is something that may never happen, its always been a distant dream of mine that i can’t seem to let go no matter how old I get.

7. To be fluent in sign language so that I can help communicate to those that have trouble in our everyday society.

8. To get really fit and healthy.

9. To quit smoking.

10. To find something in my life that will give me happiness even in times of darkness.


One thought on “Bucket List

  1. I think you would enjoy travelling the world – it’s a great perspective on other cultures, places and most of all yourself. I recommend going to a few places by yourself as well. Any countries in particular? p.s. Good luck with #9 – it’s a tough one but I am sure it will help your #8 goal. 🙂

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