Elevator Speech



Learning Series 101

       At first I was pretty skeptical about having to attend a learning workshop. I honestly didn’t know what I would get out of it if anything, but it turns out I learned a lot! Not necessarily about myself, but about how to help others. The idea of being able to identify the best way individual people learn is an effective tool that I can use to not only teach more effectively, but lead people more effectively. It’s a great thing to keep in mind while trying to communicate with people, and I’m really glad I went. (:

Strong Profile

 My Strong profile states that my talents lie in my social, enterprising, and artistic skills. I never actually thought of my self as an “enterprising” person. Thats the only one that surprised me. But after reading through the descriptions it all rings pretty true to who I am, what I’m good at, and what I love to do. Once again, teaching as a profession was number one on the list, and I could not be happier about it. I love the reassurance that what I want to do is a good fit for me and is something that I can enjoy doing for the rest of my life. Delivering information to people in a way that people can understand has always been a love of mine, and the idea that I can do it for the rest of my life excites and motivates me. I know we aren’t supposed to base our life decisions on these tests, but in all honesty it’s these results that have given me the final push into becoming a high school teacher. I’ve chosen English as the main subject I want to teach because of my artistic skills when it comes to writing and mass communication. As far as enterprising goes I’ve definitely developed good leadership skills through my experiences in high school and with non-profit work. I love managing people in a way thats productive and reaches common goals. Which is another good attribute to have as a teacher. (:

thanks for reading!

-Astara Dianne BlainImage


Myers-Briggs Test

  It’s actually really strange to me how this test has shown me how much I really know myself. It’s pretty ironic that I find this through a test required by a course that I’m taking because I don’t know what I want. I would definitely say that my results from the Myers-Briggs personality test are absolutely true. I and the test both agree that I am an introversive, intuitive, feeling, perceiver. I see examples of all of these things in pretty much everything I do and react to. While I love theatre and being on stage, I’ve come to find that I make it pretty difficult for people to get to know me. Not because I’m closed off to people really, but because it’s hard to get me talking. Although, if you talk to my closest friends they’d tell you they’d wish I’d do just the opposite. I do consider myself a pretty big picture thinker. It’s a good thing mostly, but sometimes it makes me forget that sometimes you need to just take one step at a time. It makes it easy to get overwhelmed this way.I hardly ever take the logical route when given a tough decision. I get myself in a lot of trouble because of the fact I think with my heart and not my head. But this also gives me the gift to work well with people. Understanding where they’re coming from, and delivering information in a way they can understand. And.. I am unfortunately, but admittedly, the most unorganized an individual can be. My room and car are scattered in clothes, papers, hair products, etc. And it’s definitely a factor in whats gotten me a little behind when it comes to school. However, I love that I can own to being spontaneous. It’s an attribute that has brought me the greatest of adventures and the best of stories. While making it a habit can be dangerous, I believe a little spontaneous decision making is healthy for a person. Keeps me on my toes. (: 

Seeing my results and knowing them all to be true only confirms to me that I really do want in my deepest of desires to teach. I came to college in the mindset to keep my options open but after this its clear to me I can’t really see myself doing anything else. It’s what I love. So It’s what I’ll do. (:

Thanks for reading. (:

Astara Dianne Blain

Student, Future Teacher